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The Classic-line

Sauna heaters

SAUNATECHNICS has 30 years of experience. Many saunas in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium use a sauna heating system from the Classic line. The principle of the sauna heater hasn’t changed during the past 30 years.

The reliable, effective and energy-saving principle has been proven throughout the years and should therefore not be changed. The sauna heater has been fine-tuned and updated throughout the years and we will continue doing this in the future.


We keep developing and updating our products because saunas get larger and larger, wellness resorts have longer opening hours and purchasing energy becomes more and more expensive. A high capacity in combination with a high efficiency is extremely important. Besides, infusions (Loyly, Aufguss) increase. The past couple of years more and more companies apply infusions; the sauna heaters from the Classic-line are most suitable for infusions.


A coil (pyramid) for a classic 75 sauna heater. The coil is, dependent on the possibilities and the situation, constructed in your company.

Dependent on the required capacity a coil (pyramid) is constructed for 1, 2 or 3 burners, 24kW per burner. In case a higher capacity is required, two coils are combined and integrated into one sauna heater.       

Actually, there is no technical limit when it comes to heat. In case of extremely large saunas (SAUNATECHNICShas developed and manufactured sauna heating systems for special infusion saunas for over 90 guests) an increasing amount of capacity per cubic meters is required. So, practically there are limits…   

The efficiency of a Classic-line sauna heater can be increased by means of a power tube, which is mounted under the sauna benches (invisible).


The power tube emits as much as possible heat to the sauna air which reduces the final temperature of the ventilator even more.  


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