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All SAUNATECHNICS heaters have the same principle: heating an unique steel pipe by means of a gas flame by generating underpressure in the system. This technique is not only applied in the sauna industry, but also for heating company halls, factories, drying rooms and glass ovens. This technique is safer than any other available gas system and is very efficient at the same time.


For commercial saunas this principle will save a lot of energy costs compared to the traditional gas-fired sauna heater. Energy savings will be even higher compared to an electric sauna heater. All SAUNATECHNICS systems are suitable for both natural gas and propane gas.


SAUNATECHNICS has four basis-systems. Classic-line saunas are uniquely finished. Each sauna heater is unique! For the so-called infusion sauna there is no better and safer system available at the moment.


The Olympic, developed in 2012, is available with a capacity of 17,5 kW for saunas between 9 and 25 m3. The Olympic is suitable for larger private saunas and is regularly used for saunas in fitness centers, bungalow parks, campsites etc., but also for smaller saunas in wellness companies.


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The Classic-line saunas have 1, 2 or 3 burners. A capacity of max 72kW can be realized for saunas between 20-80 m3. In case more capacity is required, we can combine several sauna heating systems.


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For electric sauna heaters and wood-fired sauna heaters we refer to our partner SAUNACITYIMPORT.


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The Olympic (17,5 kW)
About the system