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General info on the SAUNATECHNICS sauna heating systems


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Basic general information
Safety first

An example schema of a sauna with the Classic 50 sauna heater.


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It is important to choose the right sauna heater. Each heating system from the Classic-line is uniquely designed and finished. All heating systems, however, have the same basis. One or several gas burners heat an underpressure pyramid, in- or exclusive of power tube.

(a power tube increases the energy-efficiency of the sauna heating system)


The size of the pyramid, the location of the pyramid and the burners, the amount of burners and the course of the power tube depend on your situation and purpose of use. In general, a sauna heater for infusions (Loyly or Aufguss sauna heater) could use a bit more capacity, so  it can vaporize a large quantity of water in a short period. SAUNATECHNICS sauna heaters are extremely suitable for infusions.


The pyramid is filled with natural stone in order to create a heat buffer and is covered as desired. The sauna’s unique character will suit your company. Again and again.


The Olympic sauna heater has the same principle. It, however, has one burner and no power tube. The Olympic was designed after the successful Classic-line. This smaller sauna benefits from the advantages of the Classic-system.


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Basic general information
The gas burner
The underpressure ventilator
The heating coil (Pyramid)
The heating coil (Pyramid)
The gas burner
The power tube
The power tube
The power tube
Air transport